All Things Any Gear Head Would Like

From Walt.   Oil Field Dodge   Better than a modern SUV.

From Jim.   Hot Rods in Wales      youtube Video  (This is linked in the 1st video)

From Scott.  Really Cool Video

From Jim.    A Donut Story

From Linda.  Original 1957 Chevy story.

From Gary.   Classics in Cuba

From Scott.   Blast Of The Past  a Flickr photo set, a lot of photos.  NEW

From Walt.   A Honda Ad  a really cool youtube video.  NEW

From Scott.   Chevy

From Judy.   Check out The Salem Roadster Show with Mark & Heidi  4 pages

From Scott.   Weird New Tire Check Out The Video Here   (let it loop till done)

From Walt. Two youtube videos  Poor Tow Truck Driver   &    New Water Car

Links from Jim     Upside Down Truck         3 Liter Turbo-charged Import

Link from Gary     An Amazing Dealership

Links from Scott     Collector Car        NADA Classic Car      Help Price Your Ride

Rarest American Muscle Cars    From Scott

GM Billboards  From Gary

The Rockfish Cruise-In    From Pete

License Plate History - Washington State  From Pete

Cool Station Wagons  From Linda

Garage Doors  From Jim 

Classic Car Movies  from Noel  (Be prepared to spend a long time watching)

Old Hot Rods  a PDF and I apologize to whoever sent me this because I forget

Cool Car Show Video  Click the link


Neat Stuff