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We are a club for like minded car guys & gals to meet, show and talk cars as well as provide community service when we can.

  Here is some of what we do  and our  Club Bylaws

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GEAR HEADS 2018 Fathers Day Car Show


It’s over, the weather was great. Maybe a little hot but what a great turnout. Over 200 registered cars / trucks and at least 50 to a hundred non-registered.

We filled up the main area by 9:00, the overflow area by 10:00 and the public area by 11:00.

The Gear Heads thank all those car nuts that came to our show. What a great day!



Gearhead; (noun) :

  • a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests
  • a person who is very enthusiastic about cars or new technical devices and equipment

He's a total “Gearhead” can't keep away from cars.

Unless otherwise noted all photos on this site are by Pete Griffin

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